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WHAT is a Water Chiller?

A water chiller is used in many industries to cool water for process control and cost savings. A chiller removes heat from the process water and transfers it to air via a heat exchanger. Using the refrigeration cycle, water chillers are able to cool the water to below ambient temperature.

Water chiller capacities are measured in Tons of cooling. You easily can compute what size chiller you need from a simple formula (read more).

WHERE can I get a Water Chiller?

You can buy a water chiller from T. J. Snow. We are a leading supplier of Schreiber brand water chillers, which are world renowned for their reliability and quality. T. J. Snow keeps chillers in stock, for quick shipment.

HOW do I choose my Chiller?

Browse our reasons to have a chiller, chiller sizing tips, and chiller features and options, such as remote control panels. 

Schreiber makes a complete line of chillers from 1/2 ton through 30 tons, as well as mold controllers. One should fit your application. For larger than 30 tons we can use parallel kits to so that two smaller units work in tandem to reach higher capacity with added redundancy. 

Please call us at 1-800-NOW-SNOW for assistance choosing the correct model chiller and to determine pricing and whether we have the chiller you need in stock!

If you have any questions regarding water chillers or would like to receive pricing information be sure to contact us!
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