1. Is the chiller ARI Rated?
The ARI (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute) sets the national standards for how to rate BTU’s in the chiller industry, just as UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) sets the standards for the electrical industry. The ARI National testing standard is 44°F chilled water, tested at 95°F ambient temperature. Some chiller manufacturers rate their chillers at their won standards of 50°F or higher chilled water temperatures.

2. Is the system Contaminate Free?
Having a contaminant free “closed loop” system will increase your chiller’s efficiency and lengthen it’s life. All Schreiber chillers use either a Stainless Steel or Bronze water pump, and Stainless Steel water reservoirs.

3. What is the quality of the Compressor?
Every Schreiber chiller uses a “world famous” Tecumseh compressor. Hermetically sealed, the Tecumseh compressor eliminates many design problems associated with other compressors.

4. Why a Schreiber Chiller?
The quality and reliability of a Schreiber chiller will protect you equipment investment, improve productivity, and save you considerable money. We are proud to provide superior water chillers that meet a variety of cooling applications.

When you consider the savings in water, sewage, and equipment costs, a chiller makes good business sense and positively effects your bottom line.



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